6 Ways to get involved with Process Server Associations

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6 Ways to Get Involved in Process Server Associations

June 10, 2012  |  by ServeNow Staff  |

Process server association involvementWith harmful legislation threats, increased reliance on technology and changing regulations, process servers across the country agree that this is a crucial time to join associations and, more importantly, get involved. Whether your state association has been around for twenty years, is just getting started or has yet to form, there’s plenty of opportunity to be a key member on both a state and national level.

Maybe you’re not sure how to get started, or, as a member, don’t know what further opportunities are available. Here are just a few ways you can get involved in associations:

  1. Join
    The easiest first step in getting involved in associations is to join. From continuing education opportunities to support and advice from other members there are numerous benefits that outweigh the reasonable cost of association membership. Plus, association membership is tax deductible! Every process server can help their individual businesses and the profession as a whole by joining state and charter associations as well as the National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS).Larry Yellon, President of NAPPS, always encourages process servers to get involved, saying “the best way to actually know what’s going on in the association is to be personally involved.”
  2. Attend conferences and meetings
    As a process server, attending conferences is a great way to ensure that your voice is heard. Whether it’s voting for the year’s Board of Directors, sharing news from another association or helping members adapt to regulation changes, your presence at conferences and meetings is another great way to get involved. Your attendance connects you with other industry professionals and is a great way to share your experience and opinions.
  3. Donate or become a sponsor
    When it comes to running an association there are extensive costs involved. Extending donations and sponsorship are two great ways to show your support and can ensure that your association has the necessary funds to have a place to meet, bring in speakers and to rally support for important legislation.California Association of Legal Support Professionals (CALSPro) Secretary Treasurer Michael Kern explains that much of the money that is raised by CALSpro goes to fighting harmful legislation. He explained, “what we’re looking for is to get more membership and revenue so that we can fight the bills that are threatening the process serving industry as a whole and protect the members at the same time.”

    For companies that are not process servers but provide services and products to the industry, sponsorship is another great way to support specific associations and the industry as a whole while getting your business name out there.

  4. Join a committee
    Most associations host committees with a variety of focuses. Lending your expertise to a committee can help your association stay abreast of the latest in marketing, education, legislation and technology. It also gives you a chance to further represent your association and aid with continuing education courses, organizing a conference and conducting dispute resolution.
    Some examples of committees include:
    – Advertising
    – Continuing Education
    – Legislative
    – Technology
    – Membership
    – Dispute Resolution
    – Newsletter
    – Website
    – Conference
    – Assault Advisor
  5. Become a board member
    With President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer roles and numerous Director positions there are many opportunities to become a board member in your association. The Board of Directors usually serve one year terms and are elected at an annual meeting.
  6. Ask what you can do to help
    Reach out to board members and association leaders to find out what roles need to be filled. Though you may not be interested in running the association newsletter or being a member of the conference committee, check with your association for opportunities to volunteer your time. Arizona Process Server Association (APSA) President Larry Ratcliff notes that, “there’s always something that can be done, even as simple as making phone calls.” Whether it’s writing an article for the newsletter or volunteering to cook or clean up at an association event, leaders and members alike will appreciate your contributions as an active member.

Remember, you don’t have to be a board member to get involved. You can be just as effective by keeping abreast with regulation changes, joining fellow association members in pushing for legislation that helps protect process servers, or by donating your time, goods and funds. With a number of advancements changing the way everyone runs their businesses, having an active association is crucial for helping process servers remain relevant throughout the country.

As ServeNow spoke with process servers and association leaders from across the country at the annual NAPPS conference, there was a clear focus on the importance of promoting active association membership. For more information on how to get involved, contact your local association today.

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