President Reynolds attends CO state assoc. meeting

By President Ruth Reynolds

On October 13th l attended the Colorado Associations First Annual Conference and was
very impressed with the speakers and the knowledge that l obtained from my fellow process
servers in Colorado.
As l travel and speak with other associations and process servers across the country, I find we all have the same or similar issues, such as the struggles to gain access to gated communities and protection from assaults.
Also, respect for the job that we do for the courts and seeing that due process of law is completed in a timely and professional manner is often non-existent.
We all work hard to be good at our jobs and help to create employment for others. Training is paramount in our profession. Knowing how to protect ourselves while completing our assignments is a must. We all want to go home to our families at the end of the day.
WE as process servers should support our fellow associations and  the national association. WE are stronger in numbers.
The speakers at the meeting were very diverse some subjects were:
protecting and following the rules on subcontractors,
effecting services at hospitals,
completing tough services,
handling contact with local law enforcement,
reporting process server assaults,
online marketing
devices available covertly documenting service
and much more open discussion on topics of interest.
I was honored to be invited to speak on the role the NAPPS plays in education and support for all process servers. It was a great opportunity to promote NAPPS and state associations.
I would encourage you to become members of other state associations. Where do you think they go when looking for a process server in your state and they will pick someone that has  support their association?
Great networking and always good information shared through the newsletters and blogs! Join the ranks of the professionals!

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