NCAPPS Meetings



September 2013  **Annual Conference** Location and date to be announced

June 1, 2013  Raleigh- Durham, exact location to be announced  –General Membership meeting, Service of Process Class


February 9th, 2013  Greensboro, NC  Logans Roadhouse –General Membership Meeting

January 26, 2013    Greensboro, NC  Postponed due to weather



November 12, 2012  –Conference call Executive Meeting

Sept 22, 2012-Durham, NC- **Annual Conference**

June 18, 2012 –Conference call Executive Meeting

March 24, 2012  Greensboro, NC  Logans Roadhouse — General Membership meeting

Februay 13, 2012 –Conference call Executive Meeting



November 9, 2011–Conference call Executive meeting

October 3, 2011–Conference call Executive meeting

August 27, 2011  Concord, NC  –Founding Membership meeting

June 25, 2011  Greensboro, NC  –Founding  Membership meeting



September 2010–First NCAPPS meeting with Founding Members


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