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Maryland HB 1291/SB 554 increases barriers for process servers



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Florida HB 59 PS given access to gated communities

Florida House Bill 59 (effective 7/2011) Process Servers must be given access to gated communities

CS/HB 59 – Service of Process

General Bill   by Civil Justice Subcommittee and Julien (CO-SPONSORS) Baxley; Boyd; Brodeur; Burgin; Drake; Gaetz; Hager; Horner; McBurney; Metz; O’Toole; Roberson, K.; Stargel; Van Zant; Wood; Young
Service of Process: Authorizes sheriff to charge fee for processing writ of execution; authorizes person to provide sheriff with electronic copy of service of process; directs process server to place required information on first page of at least one of processes served; requires process server to list all initial pleadings delivered & served along with process on return-of-service form; requires person issuing process to file return-of-service form with court; grants authorized process servers unannounced access to specified residential areas where defendant or witness resides or is known to be; authorizes person attempting to serve process on registered agent of corporation to serve process, in specified circumstances, on any employee of registered agent during first attempt at service even if registered agent is temporarily absent from his or her office; revises number of copies of process that must be served on statutory agents for certain persons; requires process server to sign return-of-service form; authorizes employee of sheriff to sign return-of-service form electronically; provides that failure to sign return-of-service form invalidates service & subjects process server to fine; reduces number of copies to be served on CFO or assistant as process agent of insurer; provides that records may be retained as paper or electronic copies.
Effective Date: July 1, 2011
Last Event: 06/17/11 Chapter No. 2011-159 on Friday, June 17, 2011 6:56 PM
Date Available for Final Passage: Tuesday, May 03, 2011 5:06 PM  Article written by a Florida attorney


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