NCAPPS By Laws and Policy Manual Amendments November 2018


NAPPS Conference

I just returned from the 35th Annual NAPPS conference in New Orleans. Great weather food and attendance. The speakers were well versed on the subjects that were addressed. Eric Vennes spoke on application process for NAPPS FSC Designation and Michael Kern spoke on Marketing your business and the use of Social Media. Chris Eagan with the Sheriffs Office as a Process Server, spoke on safety in the field and personal awareness.

I had the opportunity to address the conference for NCAPPS with an announcement to join our association as an associate for half price till end of year. Talked about sharing work and information with each association.

Looking forward to seeing NCAPPS members and non-members at our statewide meetings through out June and July – location and dates to be announced soon.

Thank you for your support of Industry.

Have a Great Carolina Day

Ruth Reynolds

President of NCAPPS



2016 Proposed Changes to By-Laws

Attached are proposed changes to the NCAPPS By-Laws that will be discussed at the Annual Conference on 9/17/2016 in Greensboro, NC.



New benefits for NCAPPS Members

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Kimberly Hamilton, President


NCAPPS attends the NCPA conference in Wrightsville Beach, NC

President Kimberly Hamilton, Vice President Jennifer McCracken and Past President Ruth Reynolds recently attended the North Carolina Paralegal Association conference as a vendor in Wrightsville Beach on March 17th to 19th.   This was a wonderful opportunity for NCAPPS to promote our state association to so many paralegals across the state.

I had the pleasure to speak on the subjects of Service of Process as well as Human Trafficking in NC.  Informing the paralegals about our association, sharing information about our website and how to find a server in NC through our search feature and explaining the benefits of using a private process server are all a great way to promote our members and their services.   The information was well received and NCAPPS will  continue to work with the NCPA and advertise in their Forum magazine throughout the remaining of the year.

One of the ways in which NCAPPS interacted with the paralegals was to “serve” individuals at the conference.  Certain lucky recipients received gift cards in lieu of actual court documents and  were actually called out and “served”.  Attendees were eager to be served and waited anxiously to hear their names .  It was a very entertaining and informative way for the paralegals to understand more about our profession.  The re-elected NCPA President also had her turn being served and the conference was a huge success for everyone.


~Kimberly Hamilton, President

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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

The Board of NCAPPS would like to wish you a Happy Holidays.

We want to thank you for your support in our State Association.

In 2016 we wish you safe travels, safe serving and a prosperous New Year.

Christmas brings Family & Friends together to celebrate the love in our lives we can often take for granted.

May the true meeting of the Holiday season fill your heart and home with many blessings and love.

During this season of giving, let us take time to slow down and enjoy the simple things.

May this wonderful time of year touch your heart in a special way.

Wishing you warmth and comfort today and throughout the upcoming year.

We are thankful for our members and our sponsors and vendors.

Merry Christmas

Wendy Henrich

Secretary of NCAPPS



Guest Speakers Announced for NCAPPS 2015 Annual Meeting

The 4th annual NCAPPS conference is Saturday, October 17th, 2015 in Durham, North Carolina.  We are excited to bring you two wonderful speakers, both addressing a topic that all process servers encounter in their jobs daily, “Understanding Body Language”.   Remaining safe at all times is the highest priority of any serve or attempt of service. Process servers have to approach all kinds of properties and deal with many types of individuals and dogs while serving documents.  Our guest speakers will focus on this interaction and how to better understand body language with both people and dogs.   For more information and the location of our annual event, please click here. 

Our first speaker is Elaine Hope Pendell with Carolina Dog Training, LLC.  She will be teaching us about dog behavior, body language and safety.  Our second speaker is Joel  VanNorman, who is an expert in the field of law enforcement and security.  He will be discussing the importance of awareness when approaching a property and understanding solutions for the different personalities and cultures of the people that are being served.  For more info about the Annual Conference, please feel free to contact any Board Member.



Elaine Hope Pendell, M.Ed. C.P.T, IACP Pro #2456 is a National K9 Certified Professional Trainer, Certified AKC CGC® Evaluator # 34668, Certified E-Touch™ / ForceFree ™ Trainer, Pet and Partners® Licensed Therapy Dog Instructor.  Her company is Carolina Dog Training, LLC out of Raleigh, NC.  Ms. Pendell has also worked directly with the renowned Cesar Milan.





Joel VanNorman is currently a sworn NC Company Police Officer with over 25 years experience in law enforcement and security.  He currently is the Director of Operations for Sheepdog Concepts, a company that trains those that protect others and The Lolair Group a consulting company for contract services.    Mr. VanNorman  is  certified with FEMANC Dept of Homeland Security, NCPPSB – Un-Armed Instructor, PPSB – Firearms Trainer, NC Carry Concealed Handgun InstructorNC CJ Standards, NCPPSB – CEU Instructor for License Holders.  He is also a member of AFAM, ASIS and is a Mason.  Personally, Joel VanNorman has several causes he cares deeply about including children, education, economic empowerment, education, the environment and disaster and humanitarian relief.


Gathering Information for a More Successful Serve

This check list can be a very useful tool in obtaining service on a subject. Being prepared with information can turn a very hard to locate subject into one being served in just a matter of a few hours. This list is great for a process server and to give to your paralegals and attorneys.

Gathering Information for a More Successful Serve


Arbitration and Grievance Process and Forms

All grievance forms and information should be sent to:

Jennifer McCracken, VP of Legal and Legislation

[email protected]

324 S. Wilmington St, Suite 240
Raleigh, NC 27601

Phone: 919-961-2244

Fax: 919-882-1216

Forms for filing a NCAPPS Complaint









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