NCAPPS First Annual Conference 2012



The first annual NCAPPS conference on Sept. 22 in Durham was a huge success!!  The meeting had a wonderful turnout, awesome speakers and vendors, and the day was full of valuable    information and networking.


We want to thank all our members for attending and missed though who could not be there.  Some of the highlights from the meeting included Guest Speaker John Perez, a self defense demonstration from NCSystema, the election of the 2012-2013 Board and very lively discussions!


We welcomed several new applicants which will bring our total number of members to about 46.


President Reynolds held a class for process serving after lunch and if you have not attended one of her classes, please do so!  She covers the varying laws, practices, methods of service and is just a wealth of useful information!

Dozens of door prizes were given away, including a Google Nexus, a very nice cash prize from our 50/50 raffle and many other prizes and gift cards.


We look forward to many more future meetings and seeing our members together once again!!












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