NCAPPS Board participates in PAAPRS webinar

On November 8, 2012, President Reynolds and Secretary Kimberly Hamilton attended a webinar on ServeNow’s newly launched campaign, PAAPRS.  Steven Glenn discussed the goals of the campaign, how to raise awareness, how process serving associations and its members can get involved and the prevention of assaults on process servers.


Trent Carlyle asked for help from the different state associations on promoting the campaign and sending them input.  They would like to hear of any assault, whether it was last week or last year, so they may show assaults are increasing and laws are needed to protect the server.  They do not require a formal police report, as that is very important, but they are just collecting data to compile for the campaign. They add the assaulted server’s info to their reports and also may out the areas of assault.  You can view this map on their site and click on the icon to read details of the assault.


Eleven state associations are now endorsing PAAPRS as the campaign is working on guidelines and plans for these and other  associations to pass along to its members. Two states currently have legislation in place for process server protection, they are Illinois and California. Several others have legislation in progress: New York, Indiana, Florida and Arizona.


With regarding legislation, the campaign will track and promote protective legislation, provide a resource for lawmakers, and collect all the data from state laws for other states to use as guidelines.  The ultimate goal is protecting the server as much as possible and making it a felony when a process server is assaulted.


Reports of servers being shot, shot at, chased and physically assaulted are already on record.  Other issues arise as well such as dealing with law enforcement.  Servers have reported that they were threatened with arrest for trespassing when attempting to serve court documents.  Education is going to be a key factor in all states in order to gain protection for our profession.


Getting involved is the best way to be a part of the campaign.  There is an online petition to sign to make an assault on a process server a felony in every state.  Promoting the campaign via social media and email, embedding their badge on websites and informing clients and other servers are all ways to create awareness.  If anyone has been assaulted in the past and filed a police report, regardless of the date, please submit the info to PAAPRS.


Suggestions are welcome by ServeNow and the link is:  The reporting of an assault is extremely important to show lawmakers these assaults are occurring on process servers and legislation needs changed.  The more collected data available, the better the case will be.

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