Guest Speakers Announced for NCAPPS 2015 Annual Meeting

The 4th annual NCAPPS conference is Saturday, October 17th, 2015 in Durham, North Carolina.  We are excited to bring you two wonderful speakers, both addressing a topic that all process servers encounter in their jobs daily, “Understanding Body Language”.   Remaining safe at all times is the highest priority of any serve or attempt of service. Process servers have to approach all kinds of properties and deal with many types of individuals and dogs while serving documents.  Our guest speakers will focus on this interaction and how to better understand body language with both people and dogs.   For more information and the location of our annual event, please click here. 

Our first speaker is Elaine Hope Pendell with Carolina Dog Training, LLC.  She will be teaching us about dog behavior, body language and safety.  Our second speaker is Joel  VanNorman, who is an expert in the field of law enforcement and security.  He will be discussing the importance of awareness when approaching a property and understanding solutions for the different personalities and cultures of the people that are being served.  For more info about the Annual Conference, please feel free to contact any Board Member.



Elaine Hope Pendell, M.Ed. C.P.T, IACP Pro #2456 is a National K9 Certified Professional Trainer, Certified AKC CGC® Evaluator # 34668, Certified E-Touch™ / ForceFree ™ Trainer, Pet and Partners® Licensed Therapy Dog Instructor.  Her company is Carolina Dog Training, LLC out of Raleigh, NC.  Ms. Pendell has also worked directly with the renowned Cesar Milan.





Joel VanNorman is currently a sworn NC Company Police Officer with over 25 years experience in law enforcement and security.  He currently is the Director of Operations for Sheepdog Concepts, a company that trains those that protect others and The Lolair Group a consulting company for contract services.    Mr. VanNorman  is  certified with FEMANC Dept of Homeland Security, NCPPSB – Un-Armed Instructor, PPSB – Firearms Trainer, NC Carry Concealed Handgun InstructorNC CJ Standards, NCPPSB – CEU Instructor for License Holders.  He is also a member of AFAM, ASIS and is a Mason.  Personally, Joel VanNorman has several causes he cares deeply about including children, education, economic empowerment, education, the environment and disaster and humanitarian relief.

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